Bunnie Reiss

Bunnie 'Bonnie' Reiss creates to bring together. Materials, community, cultures, experiences, the past and the present, are all part of her visual catalog. She wishes to map out our strange lives, build our own kind of history, and weave us together as one. She is a natural storyteller, time-traveler and lover of all that is us, and she lives in a world filled with magic and imagination. 

Considered an urban folk artist, Bunnie tells the stories of the things she sees, the things that seem important, and the things she finds in her travels and community. She is fearless in her making and wishes to create spaces where people feel safe and can imagine themselves into whoever they would like to be.

Often traveling several months out of the year, Bunnie's brain is constantly filling with new ideas and skill sets. She works both solo and with other artists from around the world. When she returns home to Los Angeles, she spends her days unwinding what she has uncovered in both her art practice and the classes she teaches.

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