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  • Winter 2014 Catalog

    Posted on November 16 2014

    That's right another fabulous catalog, just for you!!!    

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  • Colab/Roxana Dietrich Art Show

    Posted on September 07 2014

    Founded in 2009 by Roxana Dietrich, San Francisco based design studio CoLab employs creative problem solvers, product designers, conceptual thinkers, trendsetters and innovators. They offer their clients thoughtful branding, furniture,...

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  • Vogtsmith

    Posted on February 11 2014

    Vogtsmith Sculptural Editions dropped their familiar wood-working tools and unplugged the bandsaw last spring when we here at Nooworks invited them to contribute hand-drawn pattern ideas for the Winter 2013...

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  • Summer is on it's way!!

    Posted on February 11 2014

    We're getting ready to head to Vegas next week and share the summer line so we may as well share it with you too! Love all the new prints and...

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  • Phoebe Seligman

    Posted on November 17 2013

    Nooworks is excited to present the work of painter and illustrator Phoebe Seligman. Through mixed media and classical drafting techniques she re-draws the boundaries of portraiture, presenting a gathering of...

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  • Ana Benaroya

    Posted on March 01 2013

    We are pleased to introduce illustrator Ana Benaroya as the newest collaborator in Noowork's artist line. Hailing from New Jersey, her psychedelic imagery has trimmed the pages of The New...

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  • Jamaica Dyer

    Posted on March 01 2013

    Nooworks Artist Line: Jamaica DyerKnown for her graphic novels “Fox Head Stew” and “Weird Fishes” Jamaica is an illustrator,  painter, animator, performer who has just added textile designer to her...

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  • Lady Love

    Posted on September 01 2012

     Nooworks Presents Barbara Moreno aka Lady Love! Saturday September 8th 5-9 We are so pleased to introduce our first artist from Mexico, Lady Love! The 29 year old illustrator and...

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  • Thank You Omar!

    Posted on August 31 2012

       Well I guess it's gone by so quickly because it was so fabulous. We are so sad this weekend to be taking down Omar Gonzalez's art show it's brought...

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  • Summer has arrived!!!

    Posted on June 06 2012

    For all of you who have been patiently waiting for the new Coral Sweethearts, a Crazy Emily Jumper a Honky Tonk Halter or any of the other delightful goodies we've...

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  • check out my art from Omar Gonzales 6.23.2012

    Posted on June 03 2012

    If you have spent any time around 16th and Valencia chances are you've exchanged smiles with Omar Gonzales. The 29 year old from Fresno, California works at Four Barrel, Interns...

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  • Go Gwen Go!!

    Posted on May 02 2012

    If you've been by the shop lately you may have noticed Miss Gwen looking more svelte than ever with a very healthy glow. That is because while the rest of...

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  • Timothy Goodman: Neighborgood

    Posted on March 23 2012

    Graphic designer and illustrator Timothy Goodman created a pattern for the San Francisco-based clothing shop Nooworks, inspired by his favorite things in the Bay Area. In turn, he partnered with...

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  • Holly Coley Mini Show

    Posted on March 22 2012

    Holly Coley loves Roy Wood. Nooworks loves Roy Wood. Please join us in these studies and portraits of Roy that Holly has shared with us for the month of March....

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  • Paul Allan:SOLD OUT!!

    Posted on March 21 2012

    We were so honored to host Paul Allan's show Hokum it was no surprise when it sold out, but to sell out opening night was most impressive. Built out of...

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  • Whitney on The Voice

    Posted on March 18 2012

    Wowza!!! How Psyched were we this week to see the adorable Whitney Myer from Reno, Nevada rocking the Maya Wild Cha Cha dress on the voice! Thank you Neverender for...

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  • Break Your Back for Friends and Family: Works by Paul Allan

    Posted on December 09 2011

    Opening Night Friday December 9th 5-10pm Live Performance by Mike Donovan Dj’s Costuros and Bob Linder Nooworks 395 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94103 Running December 9th 2011 to March...

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  • Here it comes!!

    Posted on November 01 2011

    Finally! The new line is at last arriving in the shop and we'll be loading new pieces onto the site daily this month. This line features the gorgeous prints featuring...

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  • Liz Caruana

    Posted on October 24 2011

    A modest photographer with a great eye, San Francisco resident Liz Caruana is the long-standing photographer for our Nooworks catalogs. In addition to being a successful fashion photographer, Liz is...

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  • Priya is Sheavy.

    Posted on October 24 2011

    Last year we lost one sweet lady from San Francisco to her love in Boston and the metal ladies of SF mourned this loss. Lucky for us she has started...

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  • Thank you!!! Winter 2011

    Posted on October 18 2011

     Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We are getting ready to launch our winter 2011 line and you will soon be seeing all the amazing photos we took this summer...

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  • I will always love Sarah Mead!

    Posted on September 14 2011

    Oh we had such an amazing visit from Sarah this summer!! After giving us the coolest patterns to make the Fall 2011 line magical she flew in from New York...

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  • Refinery 29

    Posted on August 03 2011

    Check out the awesome post by Refinery 29!

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  • “I Will Always” - Art Opening at Nooworks Shop

    Posted on August 02 2011

    Nooworks is proud to announce our latest show featuring the art of New York based multimedia artist Sarah Mead. Sarah’s work ranges from illustration, to design, to silkscreen prints, with...

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  • Dr Sketchy's

    Posted on June 12 2011

    The power of bikes continues! At Nooworks we love bikes and we love illustrators, so when Dr Sketchy's asked Gwen to outfit some models for one of their live drawing events here...

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  • Bikes! Bikes! Bikes!

    Posted on June 10 2011

    Anyone who has been through Nooworks in the last year has met Gwen and probably encountered her love for fashion and biking. This year she's been busy helping design bike...

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  • Ricky Lee Jones!!!

    Posted on June 08 2011

    OMG! Our first celebrity sighting at Nooworks and we are super PUMPED!!! Ricky Lee Jones was hanging in San Francisco and apparently loves Nooworks! Ricky and her pal had a fun afternoon...

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    Posted on May 18 2011

    We have just had the most amazing visit with Maya Wild and are so psyched to have her POWER POWER show up at the shop!! Make sure to come by and check out...

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  • It's a Sign

    Posted on April 04 2011

    We hope everyone had a lovely first weekend of Spring! Just in case you do make the trip to our store front we've made it really easy for you to...

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  • Extra! Extra!

    Posted on April 01 2011

    Sorry we've been posting so many in-the-shop-only-items lately. I guess that gives all of our internet friends a reason to visit San Francisco, right? We have the most lovely little...

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  • NEW JC'S!!

    Posted on March 31 2011

    Few things are as exciting as getting packages from Jeffrey Campbell. We always rip them open with our bare hands, so anxious to see what the styles we ordered look...

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  • Salt Water

    Posted on March 28 2011

    Another lucky thing about having a store front is that we get to carry shoes and accessories by other artists and showcase how much talent grows from the bay area....

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  • A Garden in the Sky

    Posted on March 25 2011

     Our shop in the mission has a new air filtration system and it's all natural, baby. This beautiful hanging garden was built custom for us by La Bodega and is full...

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  • Sweet Hair Trend: Braidssss

    Posted on March 21 2011

     Spring and braided hair go together like milk and honey, especially since everyone seems to be growing out their locks these days. A messy side braid would look perfect with...

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  • 9 days

    Posted on March 18 2011

    We're staring down a long tunnel of pouring rain and we won't reach that bright light at then end for nine whole days. Spring starts on Sunday, but for the...

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  • New Goods!

    Posted on March 14 2011

    The best part of having a brick-and-mortar store is knowing exactly what people are looking for and being able to get it to them as quickly as we can. Lately,...

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  • Spring Moon

    Posted on March 11 2011

    The last full moon of winter is quickly approaching and the ground is starting to come alive, shaking off it's hard winter shell. The days are getting longer and blue...

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  • Oh Dolly...

    Posted on March 07 2011

    From her rhinestoned jeans to her feathered hair, Dolly Parton is pure inspiration. She is quite the wonder, transforming from a Smokey Mountain country girl to a mogul who owns...

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  • Trend Report: Pops of Color

    Posted on March 04 2011

    It's been a rain filled winter here in the Bay Area and we can't help but long for bright spring days. It may not be time for short shorts and...

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  • Juliana the Great

    Posted on March 03 2011

    No one is a pro like Juliana. It was about 45 degrees the day of the s/s 2011 shoot and this lady was jumping and joking like it was a...

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  • Spring/Summer 2011

    Posted on March 02 2011

    So much hard work went in to this lookbook and we couldn't be happier with the finished product. The list of credits are on the second photo and all additional...

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  • Style Stealer

    Posted on February 28 2011

    We love the way Ashley from Fancy Fine styles her outfits. She has the perfect blend of fresh and sophisticated. You can put together a similar outfit with our new...

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  • Full of Flare

    Posted on February 25 2011

    We have a secret. It about something we're adding to our spring line, it's fitting, and flared, and slimming, and made of an all American material. We're not ready to...

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  • Unleash Your Inner IDGAF

    Posted on February 18 2011

    We were totally inspired by an editorial in Foam magazine's March 2011 issue so we decided to create a little collage using this amazing skirt designed for Nooworks by Gwen...

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  • Real Talk

    Posted on February 16 2011

    There is nothing like seeing one of our products in an artfully designed space! Check out how perfectly the new veggie pillow fits into this room. If you ever see...

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  • A Little Preview

    Posted on February 13 2011

    We have pretty cool art up in the shop at 395 Valencia right now. Come April we will have a new artist in town from London. Her name is Maya...

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  • Behind the Scenes

    Posted on February 11 2011

     We had a freakin BLAST at the recent shoot for our s/s line. Liz Caruana, our wildly talented photographer found a great location in Alviso California. It was freezing but...

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  • Not Helvetica

    Posted on February 09 2011

     Our Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook will have it's debut any day now and one thing we did differently this season is add awesome handwritten fonts by Emily Glaubinger. Handwriting (or giving...

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